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Hi, I’m Rachel and I spend my days supporting, inspiring and working with others, like you, to achieve your goals and to find your ‘WHY’. I help nonprofits, businesses and individuals create live events, experiences and products that make an impact using creative solutions and thoughtfully driven designs that support the ‘WHY’ of your project to deliver positive results.

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Design and Production


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It’s the details that make a good event and amazing experience.

You have an important story to tell and that story deserves thoughtful design and creative solutions. The reason’s behind what you are doing influences how you will do it and I believe that ‘WHY’ is the way to attract new customers/clients/donors who share your values and want to invest in your success. Let’s get together and talk about your ‘WHY’ and create a live event, experience or product that will knock the socks off of your clients.

Whether you’re an individual, nonprofit, or corporate organization, I can offer you thoughtful, results-driven designs for your next live event or branding project.

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What are you working on?

Are you a nonprofit seeking advice on how to make the most of your event budget? Or are you in need of a killer idea for your annual gala? Or maybe you need someone to take care of all the creative design needs for your live event. Whatever obstacle you’re facing, I want to hear about it… drop me a note and let’s grab some tea and chat!

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