Carefully Curated

Helping you develop your vision and bring it to life is my specialty. 

When working with clients, I thoughtfully take each event’s purpose into consideration, asking critical questions like, “what’s the driving force behind your event?”, “how does this support your purpose?” and “what’s the number one takeaway for your guests?” 

Using a design-first approach, we will create original, inventive ways to meet your event goals. 

Once the goals and concept for your live event are solidified, I’ll shift focus to develop a creative action plan that will produce the results you desire.

While your actual event may only last a few hours or days, the experiences we create are carefully curated in time, leaving guests with special memories that will last for years to come.


It’s all in the Details

Small details carry a lot of weight. After all, it’s the little, thoughtful touches that often leave the biggest impact.

Like a jigsaw puzzle, every event component must seamlessly fit together in order for the big picture to come alive. 

When working together, you can rest assured that I will carefully consider each and every detail, ensuring that your event’s overall theme and objective are always supported.


My Favorite Experiences to Bring to Life Are: 

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • Think-tanks, Do-tanks & Un-Conferences

  • Galas & Fundraisers

  • Private Social Gatherings


**Note: Ideally, we would have a call-to-action taking viewers to case studies page showing examples of events you’ve worked on. Now that we’ve told them what you can do, it would be great to provide examples!